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Founded in September 2012, Illustration Much is a team of five design professionals based out of Bangalore, India. We provide design and branding solutions for businesses and individuals, utilizing our cutting-edge Graphic Design background and our ethos as an Illustration based Collective.
Aside from doing commissioned work, we also invest our creative energies into personal projects that constantly challenge us to think and re-think.

The Muchers!

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An ardent cat lover, illustrator, and magazine collector (and also the expert on type and font in the group), her personality is often reflected in the work she does. Sruthi is an aficionado of the Japanese anime art form and derives great inspiration from it. She combines her big-picture vision with a meticulous attention to detail. Her business ethic is best summarized by “How can we build a better mousetrap?”


A visual artist, graphic designer and illustrator, Taaneya loves to craft worlds with color, texture and words. When she’s not working (which is almost always), she loves to travel and expose herself to new experiences. She also loves to collect Polaroid photographs.


Restless and energetic, Gaurav is a creator whose vision and design both lean towards the holistic. He is passionate about photography and loves exploring new genres of music. His forte is character development and his background in animation design makes him a dynamic cog in the Illustration Much machine..


Besides being Illustration Much’s resident food illustrator, Soma is an excellent cook who knows her herbs and spices. Her graphic design inclinations lean towards Publication Design and Space Design. She is fond of travelling, notebooks, Ninjutsu and collecting furniture. She also gets extremely hyper when she’s confronted by anything beautiful.


Ian is our can-do point man. He takes the initiative to lead projects and is constantly working on new ideas. With a background in Product Design, Ian is the creative force behind our very own product line. He crunches numbers and pitches dreams. He is also the resident photographer for Illustration Much.

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We know you’re passionate about your brand and its identity. We can work our illustrative magic to give your brand identity that much-needed *pop*! and we’re passionate about giving it that much needed illustrative touch!

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We love translating your communication needs into fun illustrative posters, brochures or Facebook cover photos! Your potential clients and partners can’t wait to hear from you!

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Data Visualization

We’d love to help you communicate the most pertinent information to your clients and customers in the clearest, cleanest and most engaging way possible. Consider us in charge of all your information architecture needs!

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As former graphic design majors, we’ve done everything from illustrating books to designing them. Publication design is our passion. Talk to us!

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Wedding Invites

We’ve gotten so adept at this that for a time, we considered renaming ourselves “Invite Much!” We’ve been very lucky to get to design some interesting wedding invites based on some fun concepts!

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In The Kitchen

We’re constantly working on our own personal projects over at IM, stay tuned! Something’s always cooking!

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